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4 essential tips to secure the best real estate deal



No one wants to be on the bad side of a real estate deal. As a buyer, you’d want to secure a home that aligns nicely with your wishlist without breaking the bank. On the other hand, the best deal for another person may be the higher-priced home with all the bells and whistles.

Regardless of your views, take note of these helpful tips on how to get a good deal on a house.

  1. Examine the market in-depth

    Your up-to-date knowledge of home statistics and prevailing trends in a given area will give you a better perspective on price. Get as much market information by:

    • Looking into recently sold comparable properties (also known as “comps”). The final sale price of similar homes will help you determine if your list price is competitive.
    • Checking out comps that remain unsold for months or went off market. Stagnant listings are stagnant for a reason: buyers refuse to bite because of price and real or perceived issues. If these unsold homes have a lot of similarities with the home you’re selling, price or location may be at issue. Consult your Realtor to strategize remedies.
    • Analyzing past pricing trends. Work with your agent to look up the numbers dating back to a few years. Then, identify the points where demand spiked or waned. If you’re seeing familiar market conditions during your current home search, you’ll be in a good position to gauge if a property is priced too high or just right.

    Working with a real estate agent is the best way to get your hands on market information unavailable to most. Plus, an agent will be ready to bring up details that could inform your real estate strategy.

  2. Proceed carefully with FSBO homes

    The term “for sale by owner”, or FSBO, refers to a person who sells a house without an agent. While it’s okay to take such listings seriously, it’s wise to proceed with caution. Check FSBO asking prices against the comps of the area. Negotiate to prevailing rates or lower since the seller has no agent to collect commissions. Discuss with your agent before making an offer.

  3. Look into distressed or auctioned properties

    You can find great deals on homes that list below the current market rate. Distressed properties or homes on the brink of foreclosure are an option. Look at the condition of the home and assess the price of repairs and refurbishment against its price tag.

    Browse properties that are bank-owned or on the way to being auctioned off. Explore sites like and to find properties in foreclosure if you want to know more about this option.

  4. Identify your must-haves and nice-to-haves

    In some situations, getting the best deal may involve selecting a higher-priced home with all the bells and whistles. Or, your best deal may be an affordable home with all your non-negotiables.

    Whatever you consider your perfect real estate deal, you won’t get there without listing down your must-haves and nice-to-haves. Think carefully about your priorities (e.g., number of rooms, neighborhood, school district, proximity to parks, and so on). Everything else that’s not on your priority list is optional.

If you’re exploring the vast Los Angeles real estate market, let the seasoned agents from The Lux Group assist you as you embark on your real estate journey. Call (310) 853-1000 or contact us here to get started.

House hunting 101: Why you need to hire a Realtor


Happy mature couple meeting investments and financial advisor at home. They are happy and smiling sitting in the living room. The advisor is holding a document. There is a laptop on the table

When it comes to buying a home, some people prefer to go it alone, without a real estate professional by their side. While DIY home buying is not a bad thing, it could also result in a deal that leaves much to be desired.

That’s because there’s a range of rapidly shifting factors to consider in any real estate transaction, especially in today’s market. Someone without the in-depth knowledge or up-to-the-minute intel of a real estate agent is likely to miss key details that can make or break a home purchase.

So when buying a house and wondering if finding a Realtor is worthwhile, here are a few reasons why it is worth the time and effort.

Realtors know exactly what you need to look out for

When it comes to examining the many features of a house, seasoned agents have years of experience to draw from.

Having seen all kinds of properties in various shapes and conditions, professionals will be in the best position to detect major issues. Whether it’s a heating issue, a plumbing problem, or mold, your Realtor can help you spot the tell-tale signs of underlying problems. And, if they’re reputable, they will act in your best interests and steer you away from such properties.

A local Realtor can also help you get up to speed with the neighborhood. While you can Google the perks of your desired community (nearby schools, grocery stores, parks), an agent can let you in on information that’s not readily available like flood plains, zoning restrictions, or real estate projects planned for the future.

You don’t have to show up in person to meet the seller

In California, it’s perfectly fine for buyers and sellers to never meet in person. In other words, you’re not compelled to meet the seller during any phase of the transaction, whether it’s to negotiate the sales price or to examine the home. Instead, it’s usually up to the agents to look into the details of the transaction on behalf of their clients. That is all the more reason to pick the right real estate agent for the job.

Realtors help you go through detailed home disclosures

Before finalizing the sale, sellers in California are required to provide extensive home disclosures to buyers. If you’re unfamiliar with the document, it can be daunting to see the detail and scope of what the Department of Real Estate in California requires. These disclosures may also contain the kind of language better suited to lawyers and real estate practitioners, slowing down your ability to make sense of the document.

A Realtor with in-depth knowledge of California real estate can help you decode the legalese and real estate terminologies, or simply go through all the paperwork on your behalf while explaining what it all means.

You can use what’s in the home disclosure to negotiate better purchase terms.

Realtors help you stay objective and sharp during negotiations

Negotiation is an essential part of any real estate deal. And for many buyers, it can be easy to get caught up in the heat of the process. While completely normal, resorting to emotionally driven decisions can cost you (trying to outbid competitors, etc.).

Realtors aren’t emotionally invested in the properties they buy and sell, which allows them to view things objectively. Even though their counsel may feel counterintuitive if you’re in an emotional state, Realtors will explain the situation as objectively as possible to help you arrive at the best possible outcome.

If you require the services of top Realtors in Los Angeles, get in touch with The Lux Group. We have been setting the standard in LA real estate for over 10 years. Call (310) 853-1000 or contact us here.

5 must-see museums in Los Angeles, CA



Los Angeles isn’t just the home of movie stars and tech billionaires. It’s also the hub of global culture, art, scientific exploration, and the wonders of the known universe. All are showcased in a prodigious array of museums (106 at last count) that are famous throughout the world.

So next time you find yourself in town, book a visit to see these fantastic museums.

Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County

One of the best museums in Los Angeles, the Natural History Museum offers some of the most extensive exhibits of the world’s rarest fossils, minerals, and artifacts. Covering 4.5 billion years of the planet’s history, this museum provides an overview of how our planet evolved – from the chaos that marked its beginning to the earliest signs of human life.

The Getty Center

As an iconic fixture of the Los Angeles cultural scene and a certified tourist attraction, the Getty Center is visited by 1.8 million people each year.

The main draw of the 24-acre campus is the J. Paul Getty Museum, whose vast collection of art spans 13 centuries, beginning with the eighth century. It includes European art and manuscripts, photographs, and the decorative arts. Within this sprawling complex, you’ll find the Getty Research Institute, Getty Foundation, and the Getty Conservation Institute.

The Grammy Museum

Music lovers will have a great time at the Grammy Museum, where visitors can relive some of the most memorable moments in Grammy Award history. You can even try your hand at creating your very own version of a few popular tunes.

Apart from memorabilia like outfits and stage props on permanent display, the museum holds special exhibits that run for a limited time. Whether it’s celebrating women in country music or the way in which Bob Marley brought reggae to the mainstream, there’s always something new to discover at the Grammy Museum.

The Griffith Observatory

The idea for the observatory essentially began when Griffith J. Griffith wanted science to be more accessible to the general public. Following his own experience viewing the skies in the observatory of Mt. Wilson in 1904, Griffith committed himself to building one of his own.

Today, Griffith Observatory houses 60 exhibits showcasing our knowledge of the observable universe. Interactive presentations illustrate the cosmos in many intriguing ways. Best of all, admission is free. But it’s best to book ahead of time to beat the long queues.

California Science Center

Designed with predominantly young learners in mind, the California Science Center is excellent for families. Whether it’s boarding a replica of a space shuttle, playing chess with a robot, or exploring Angkor Wat in Cambodia, kids of all ages will have a memorable experience. There are five permanent exhibits covering space exploration, biology, ecosystems, Southern California’s plants and animals, as well as fire science and safety.

Ready to explore the rest of Los Angeles?

If you’re interested in exploring the possibility of making LA your home, contact The Lux Group. Our experienced team of real estate agents are ready to help you go through your options in this city of exciting possibilities. You can get in touch with us by calling (310) 853-1000 or contacting us here.

The best swimming pools in Los Angeles with a view

From its iconic coastline to its tree-lined neighborhoods and towering commercial buildings, Los Angeles is a stunning sight to behold. And one of the best ways to admire views of the City of Angels is by the pool.

Interested in finding out where you can find some of the best pools in Los Angeles? Check out the list below.

  1. InterContinental Hotel

    Located in the heart of Downtown LA, Intercontinental Hotel’s outdoor pool has it all. With awesome cityscape views, an open-air bar, and a cool beverage of your choice, it’s a great area to take in all of LA in style. But these aren’t the only world-class amenities available.

    Grab a few more drinks by Spire 73, one of the tallest rooftop bars you’ll find in this part of the country. You can also find a table at InterContinental’s on-site restaurant, Dekkadance, for a sumptuous meal with the family or an intimate date.

  2. Petit Ermitage

    This bespoke hotel is close to the Sunset Strip and iconic Hollywood Hills. As you swim and lounge around by the rooftop saltwater pool, lush foothills are within view. The pool is heated too so you can take a dip no matter what time of the day it is. Order food and some beverages and relax by one of the private cabanas. Private dining is also an option in the hotel’s famed rooftop garden. Make sure to make a reservation ahead of time.

  3. Chamberlain West Hollywood

    Just a few blocks away from Petit Ermitage is Chamberlain West Hollywood, an urban oasis amid the sprawl of LA. Panoramic views of the city surround the rooftop pool, which is replete with all the essentials. Cozy lounge areas and cabanas can be rented. What’s more, Chamberlain’s stylish and spacious suites make it an ideal destination for a relaxing staycation or weekend getaway.

  4. Gated Hollywood estate along Mulholland Drive (on Vrbo)

    If you’re interested in renting a vast home all to yourself, this gated estate in one of LA’s most exclusive neighborhoods (just outside of Beverly Hills) is a must-visit. The property has an impeccable infinity pool that overlooks huge swaths of LA, from the downtown area and all the way to the Pacific. With unmatched views and the verdant foothills to your back, this property is one of the most sought-after among well-to-do vacationers.

  5. Mid-century modern near The Grove (on Airbnb)

    Here’s another property rental that’s close to the coveted Hollywood Hills. Facing the vast expanse of LA, this mid-century modern home’s outdoor area has an infinity pool, fire pit, spa, and heat lamps. A well-designed lounge area is right next to the pool as well. While there are several other luxury amenities on-site, it would be difficult not to spend most of the day in this property’s well-adorned outdoor area.

Find luxury homes in Los Angeles

If you’re on the lookout for your dream LA home, it’s always best to seek advice from proven real estate agents. With The Lux Group, you’ll have years of local knowledge and market expertise at your disposal.

You may contact The Lux Group’s team of professional agents by phone at 310.853.1000. You can also send an email to info(at)TheLuxGroup(dotted)com.

Los Angeles luxury’s favorite interior designers

Behind the eye-catching homes and alluring interior set pieces in Los Angeles are luxury interior designers who have spent years honing their talents. Billionaires and A-listers seek out these creative professionals to build the home they’ve always envisioned.

Below are some of the designers that you should consider hiring should the need arise.

  1. Disc Interiors

    The amazing duo of David John Dick and Krista Schrok subtly and organically bring out a home’s character all while meeting their client’s style preferences. But their true prowess shines in designing and reimagining older homes. The overall design ethos that guides their work revolves around the merger of traditional and contemporary elements.

    Dick and Schrok often gravitate towards historical properties. Whether it’s a Spanish-style home or a Paul Williams home, each project attempts to evoke understated elegance and soothing hues. Their esteemed clientele includes the likes of Ross Duffer (Netflix’s Stranger Things) and Keri Putnam (Sundance Film Festival).

  2. Joy Moyler Interiors

    Joy Moyler has been designing homes for over 25 years. Discovering the enthralling architecture in Madrid and Barcelona during her teenage years allowed her to nurture her craft early on and influenced her work. Expect to see fresh and vibrant takes on more classical styles.

    But what clients especially like about Joy Moyler is her strong work ethic and ability to carve out time when they need her most. Just ask Pia Getty, Leonardo DiCaprio, or Thomas Keller. Aside from residential interiors, Moyler also takes on a range of commercial projects, like the redesign of the Raevo Golf & Country Club in the outskirts of Moscow.

  3. Michael S. Smith

    No undertaking is too big for Michael S. Smith. He’s been involved in some of the most sophisticated endeavors and highly private projects in the design industry. Smith even had the utmost pleasure of being personally selected by Barack and Michelle Obama to decorate the White House.

    Suffice to say, Smith’s portfolio is nothing short of impressive. From boathouse deco and mid-century modern to New England abode and luxurious Los Angeles haven, clients will realize the home of their dreams in a variety of expressions.

  4. Waldo Fernandez

    Hailing from Havana, Cuba, and pulling from various cultural roots, renowned designer Waldo Fernandez is an influential figure in the world of home design. He was one of the early proponents of mixing varying styles and elements. With over 30 years in the industry, Fernandez is still going strong.

    He initially lived in New York before moving to Los Angeles to pursue his interest in architecture and design. His humble beginnings as a set designer and doing furniture commissions allowed him to connect with various celebrities — many of whom have become his most loyal clients. Today, celebrities, tycoons, and other A-listers continually vie for his creative touch.

See what’s in store for you in LA luxury real estate

Whether you require a designer’s tasteful sense of style or a real estate agent’s in-depth knowledge of LA’s neighborhoods, The Lux Group will connect you with seasoned professionals who will address your needs.

Connect with The Lux Group’s team of brokers and agents by phone at 310.853.1000. You may also send an email to info(at)TheLuxGroup(dotted)com.

5 Smoking hot restaurants in Beverly Hills

While Beverly Hills is famous for its high-profile residents and wide selection of luxury homes, it shines just as brightly in the culinary scene. Here, you’ll find some of the hottest restaurants in all of Los Angeles. Take note of these Beverly Hills restaurants when you’re in town.

  1. Piccolo Paradiso

    For over 20 years, Piccolo Paradiso has consistently delighted diners looking for authentic Italian cuisine. Since its opening, this family-owned restaurant hasn’t lost a step and continues to attract new loyal customers. Linen-covered tables and vintage movie posters are the backdrop to an unforgettable culinary showcase of your choosing — be it the fusilli verdi con cavolfiori, saltimbocca di vitello, or other time-honored Italian dishes.

  2. Spago

    If you’re looking to sample the best of California cuisine, look no further than Spago in Beverly Hills. This American fusion restaurant is owned by acclaimed chef and restaurateur, Wolfgang Puck. With a seasonal ala carte menu, there’s something new to look forward to every time you visit. Consider sampling the chef’s multi-course California Tasting Menu to discover new flavors you might not have tasted yet. Choose from an excellent bar and wine list to round out a splendid meal in this Beverly Hills favorite.

  3. Matsuhisa

    There are several Japanese restaurants in Beverly Hills. But you’ll seldom find an establishment as devoted to the heart and soul of Japanese cuisine as Matsuhisa. Even though Nobuyuki “Nobu” Matsuhisa has achieved immense international success and recognition in the culinary world, the dedicated sushi chef is hands-on when it comes to ensuring quality and precision in the preparation of Japanese classics and more experimental offerings. The tuna tataki and black cod with miso are must-tries.

  4. Avra Beverly Hills Estiatorio

    If indulging in fresh seafood amid open-air Greek architecture is something that appeals to you, Avra is a restaurant that you shouldn’t miss. Originally established in New York, Avra brings its finely prepared Mediterranean dishes to the West Coast. Whether it’s lithrini, fagri, or savory appetizers like manouri saganaki, each bite will leave you wanting more. Customers can choose the fish and seafood they’d prefer to consume.

  5. The Terrace at Maybourne

    Head over to The Terrace at the Maybourne Hotel for more of California’s innovative and dynamic cuisine. Using some of the finest locally sourced ingredients, The Terrace’s highly trained chefs create delectable dishes that are in tune with the seasons, from Half Moon Bay crabs and peaches in the summer to warm and comforting broths in the colder months. Best of all, the restaurant works closely with local farmers and growers to ensure a sustainable supply chain.

Explore Beverly Hills real estate with The Lux Group

If you also have an appetite for Beverly Hills luxury real estate and the rest of the highly coveted LA Platinum Triangle, get in touch with The Lux Group. With over 15 years of experience in the industry, The Lux Group’s team of seasoned real estate agents will help you find the best properties in the area.

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