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Buyers Guide

The home buying process can often seem intimidating, especially for many first-time buyers. This is normal – after all, buying a home is one of the biggest transactions you’ll make, so you want to make sure you do everything right.

At The Lux Group, one of our top priorities is to make sure our clients are well-informed. Below are a few helpful tips we’ve prepared that can hopefully make the buying process easier for you:

    • Look for an experienced real estate agent – Finding the right agent is a very important step in home buying. Our team of professionals at The Lux Group is prepared to help clients through the entire home buying process by using our expertise of the local market, extensive resources, and years of experience.


    • Don’t be afraid to ask questions – It’s important to have a clear understanding of what’s happening throughout the buying process, so don’t hesitate to ask any question you may have.


    • Set a price range – Ask your agent about getting pre-qualified before you start your search for the ideal home. This will give you an idea of the amount you’ll be able to borrow, so you can determine an ideal price range for your purchase.


  • Scout the neighborhood – Don’t make the common mistake of focusing only on the property itself – find out what’s around the area as well. You want to make sure the area fits your lifestyle, so do research on nearby schools, parks, shopping centers, office districts, and more.

Sellers Guide

Selling a home is more than just sticking a “for sale” sign in your front lawn. To be successful, you need to do some research, create the perfect marketing strategy, go through several offers, deal with closing requirements, and more.

One of the best ways to start is by simply increasing your knowledge on the home selling process. Below are a few helpful tips for you to keep in mind:

    • Do some research on comparable homes – Look through other listings in your area and search for similar homes. Look for ones with roughly the same size and features as yours. This will help give you an idea of your home’s value.


    • Look for a professional – The home selling process can be easier when you’re working with an experienced real estate professional. An experienced agent will be able to help market your home, represent your best interests during negotiations, and help you with all the details during closing.


    • Work with your agent to determine an ideal price point – Pricing homes is very important, so be sure to work closely with your agent to determine a good price. Be careful not to overprice your home, as this can repel potential buyers and give your competition an advantage.


  • Improve your home – Your home needs to be in excellent condition if you’re planning to sell it for top dollar. Enhance its curb appeal, get rid of all the clutter, repaint and redecorate the rooms, and add new features if it fits your budget.

Get in touch with top realtors in Los Angeles at The Lux Group to learn more about buying and selling process.